Your 15-Minute Escape in the Heart of Pioneer Square

During a long day of work, sometimes the best remedy can be a quick escape. Not only is Pioneer Square a hot spot for nightlife and cuisine, but a neighborhood of art, culture, and hidden surprises. One of Pioneer Square’s hidden gems is Waterfall Garden Park. Tucked away is a quaint little park complete with a gorgeous waterfall. Benches and French style tables make this park an ideal location for a coffee break during a crazy day. Have a minute today? Find peace and serenity within the busy downtown Seattle streets!

Where is Waterfall Garden Located?

Just a few blocks away from Stadium Place at 219 2nd Ave S (between S 2nd Avenue Extended & Main St) Seattle, WA 98104

What are locals saying about this park?

“Sweet spot hiding among the hustle and bustle of the Pioneer Square area. I’ve walked by many time over the years and never popped in until recently. So glad I did! Awesome place for a lunch or coffee break. What you get here? Serenity. And a memorial to the birthplace of UPS.” – Michelle D.

“I didn’t even know this little spot of peacefulness existed in the city until about a year ago. I come here every now and again to relax during my work day. I love the waterfall and trees in this little urban park. Tiny little getaway in the city :)” – Kristin T

Have you been to the Waterfall Garden Park? How did you like it? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Your 15-Minute Escape in the Heart of Pioneer Square

  1. James Grindle

    It is a great and too often missed spot in Pioneer Square but a huge issue is it’s horrible operating hours. The neighborhood needs more traffic after 5PM and Waterfall garden closing at 3:45 pm for over a year doesn’t help.


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