Views From Stadium Place

There are few places on the planet more beautiful than Seattle in summer. Lots of sunshine, extended hours of daylight and skies so clear you can see for hundreds of miles.

Most of us don’t work on the top of the Columbia Tower and can’t enjoy every dinner at the Space Needle. But residents of The Wave and The Nolo at Stadium Place can enjoy amazing views in every direction every day. We hate to brag but we think these may be the best views in the city. You can peek into Century Link field, check out Mt. Rainier or enjoy the city skyline and Puget Sound.

So in celebration, we wanted to take a few shots from Stadium Place and share them with everyone. Let us know if you have any shots you’d like to add to the portfolio.

The Wave View 1

The Wave View 4

The Wave View 3

The Wave View 2

A Look From Above:
The Wave Chopper 3

The Wave Chopper 2

The Wave Aerial View

The Wave Chopper 4

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