Take a Walk: The Elliott Bay/Waterfront Trail

Hey, did you know that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step? It’s true, we looked it up. Also, a journey of a thousand miles is way too far to walk. When we take a stroll, we like to keep our walking routes under three hundred miles long and always within city limits.

There’s lots of great things about living in Seattle proper, and one of the best things is that Seattle’s an eminently walkable city. Downtown’s just a quick stroll away from Stadium Place, but we think that to get the most out of your urban walk, a jaunt down the Waterfront is your way to go. So put on some comfortable shoes, and let’s do this!

This is not a complicated route, you won’t even need to take notes. Just walk out your door and head down First Avenue until you hit Madison, then hang a left. Then take a right just before you go under the viaduct, and congrats! You’re now officially walking on the Elliott Bay Trail. Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 8.56.13 AM.png

Not only is this trail flat (a lack of hills will always get positive reviews from us), it gives you some of the best scenery/people watching Seattle’s got to offer. Technically, this route will take you all the way to Interbay, but we like to stop and turn around once we hit the Olympic Sculpture Park (after we’ve walked around the park and gotten some culture first, of course).


Fellow bipedal saunterers, share your opinions— what’s your favorite localicious walking route? 

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