Nature in the City: Go Chasing Waterfalls

Sure, we get it. There’s a reason you live where you do. You’re a city person now.  An urban aficionado. You love tall buildings, ample mass transit, and having a coffee shop on every corner. You’re powered by the hustle and bustle that comes with living in a densely populated area.

But hey, even the most hardened city-dwellers among us need a little nature fix every now and then. Why not use this year’s Earth Day as an excuse to spend some time in the great outdoors?

We’re not suggesting any grueling nature hikes or anything (believe us, that’s the last thing we’d recommend). It’s possible for you to bond with nature within city limits- in fact, there’s a great place that’s just a short walk out your door.

Two blocks north of the Nolo, on 2nd and Main, you’ll find a patch of nature tucked right into the city: the Waterfall Garden Park. You’ll walk right past it if you aren’t looking for it, so keep your eyes open for the sign, and your ears open for the sound of rushing water.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 9.30.28 AM.png

Seriously, we aren’t joking. This thing is hidden.

Fair warning: there’s a reason that this historical spot (where UPS- yes, that UPS was founded in 1907) is referred to as a “pocket park.”  It’s not huge. There’s just a few waterfalls, trees, chairs, and tables scattered around. Despite it’s size, it’s a perfect urban oasis. Pop in during your day to just relax, or act like a local and bring a lunch to enjoy.

waterfall park.jpg

Photo via Wendy B.

It’s not a whole lot of nature, but it’s just enough.   

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