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Monday Night Football Party

The Seahawks Monday Night Football game was a full day of fun here at Stadium Place!

Our friends from King 5 turned our 5th floor podium into their broadcast studio for the day as the countdown to kickoff got rolling bright and early with the King 5 Morning Show.


Behind the scenes of King 5 Morning News live at Stadium Place


We loved having Joyce Taylor raise our 12th man flag live on King 5!


@joycetaylorkingtv raising our #12thman flag live on @king5seattle! #countdowntokickoff #GoHawks #DETvsSEA

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The King 5 show included special guests including the Seahawks mascot, Blitz and the Seahawks Blue Thunder drumline. Residents enjoyed meeting the King 5 team as well as the show’s special guests. They even got to have some fun playing anchor at the King 5 anchor desk!



@bluethunderdrumline on @king5seattle live at Stadium Place! #countdowntokickoff #GoHawks #DETvsSEA #bluethunder

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This was also the day of the King 5 Northwest Harvest food drive at Stadium Place. Everyone that donated received a pair of twelfie sunglasses! Twelfie fans graciously donated food and cash that will be used to provide 22,000 meals for those in need in our area.

Happily loading up all of the food donations!

Happily loading up all of the food donations!

The King 5 team rocking their Twelfie shades!

King 5 team rocking their Twelfie shades!

Once it was time to get serious about the game, our team got serious with a resident party.  We served up an Oktoberfest inspired feast while cheering on the Hawks.  There were some very creative costumes to admire while we enjoyed bratwursts off the grill with all the fixings along with pretzels, tasty deserts and a German beverage or two!

Stadium Place residents having fun during the game!

Stadium Place residents having fun during the game!

To top off an already incredible day, the Seahawks beat the Detroit Lions 13 to 10! Go Hawks

Lady 12 Fashion Show

What a night! In support of The 12 Foundation The Nolo rooftop served as a sky-high runway to showcase some amazing fan fashion.


Seahawks tight end Luke Willson enjoying the show!

The rooftop deck at The Nolo was transformed with lights and live music to showcase the glitz and glamour of Lady 12 apparel. This was the first fashion show for the line that is developed by Brendalyn and Joe Tafoya.  You may remember Joe from his days playing for the Hawks and his appearance in the first Super Bowl.  The runway also featured men’s fashion from current Seahawk Luke Willson’s Stormtech clothing line.

Check out the runway on our roof top deck!

Check out the runway on our roof top deck!

VIP seating lined the runway as local celebrities showed off this season’s hottest clothing designs! The breathtaking view from the rooftop was the perfect backdrop for the photographers waiting at the end of the runway capturing every step!

KING TV Joyce Taylor on the runway!

KING TV Joyce Taylor on the runway!


Monica Hart in her Lady 12 fashions









Mark Wright KING TV on the runway!

Mark Wright KING TV on the runway!


Joining Joe Tafoya to present the fashion and get the crowd excited was Margaret Larson, host of KING TV’s New Day Northwest.

Joe Tafoya and KING TV Margaret Larson

Joe Tafoya and KING TV Margaret Larson

After the show the evening’s models mingled with guests and posed for countless pictures! Grammy award winner Wanz sang to the crowd to top off the night!

Wanz singing for the crowd after the fashion show!

Wanz singing for the crowd after the fashion show!

We would say it was quite the fabulous night!

The gang from KING5 getting ready to rock the runway!

Luke Willson and the gang from KING5!

Pre-Season Tailgate

Its football pre-season! OK, we know it’s not the real deal yet.  But we’re talking about the Hawks here so we get excited when they hit the field.  And this is the time for our beloved Hawks to get ready for the quickly approaching season…and for us to bring back our awesome Stadium Place game day parties!


Tailgate party!! #GoHawks #DENvsSEA

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Not to brag but we were in regular season form for the first Seahawks pre-season game with our tailgate bash! The weather wasn’t a problem for us, residents enjoyed the game in the comfort of the Stadium Lounge with an amazing view of CenturyLink Field!  Of course a tailgate isn’t complete without delicious food…and lots of it! Our tables were stacked with piping hot pizzas and all the fixings for tasty cheesesteak sandwiches.

SP Pre-season tailgate 2                  SP Pre-season tailgate

I’d say we are definitely ready for some football! Go Hawks!

SP Pre-season tailgate 3

Super Bowl XLIX: The Party is ON!

We’re assuming all you can think about this week is the Seahawks playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday—that’s all we can think about, too!

Let us indulge in this Hawks fever together with every other living person in the city!

Let’s talk party! Whether you are hosting your own party, going to a friend’s party or going out to celebrate with all other 12s, we have the best food, drinks and places to guarantee you’ll enjoy the Super Bowl!



Impress your friends by making one of these for your Super Bowl party, or bring it to your friend’s party—they’re crowd pleasers!



Don’t forget the Seahawks-themed snacks!



Oh, and be sure to make a Russells Sprouts Cheese Dip—get it?



What better way to support the Hawks than with Seattle-made drinks!





For those of you going out—our team recommends these hopping bars in our neighborhood!

Photo by Seattle Met Magazine

Photo by Seattle Met Magazine

Or just stay at home and watch on the big screen in our theater room or our rooftops!

Pre-game holiday brunch

And remember, ANYTHING is possible. GO HAWKS!

What’s Next for the Seahawks? NFC Championship

The Seahawks advanced to the NFC Championship! We all know that but here’s what you need to know about last week’s game, the upcoming game, and what YOU can do about all of it.

Saturday 10 Playoffs game Carolina Panthers VS Seattle Seahawks

Last week’s game was, to say the least, what us 12s live for. While the Panthers had more rushing yards (132-100), more first downs (21-16), and plays (68-52) than our beloved Seahawks, the Seahawks won their 8th straight post season home game.

The highlight of the game was: Kam Chancellor’s 90-yard pick-six, which is tied for the 5th-longest in NFL postseason history and is the longest since James Harrison in SB XLIII.

Sunday 18 NFC Championship game Green Bay Packer vs Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are favored to win the NFC Championship against the Green Bay Packers, according to Seattle Pi’s Nick Eaton. Not only that, but they are also favored to return to the Super Bowl.

Photo by Seattle Seahawks

Photo by Seattle Seahawks

And while the Seahawks have already defeated the Packers in Week 1, CBS Sports says these are two different teams today.

Regardless, we are hopeful because we have seen our Seahawks grow week after week and it has led them here: fighting for the NFC Championship title.

Photo by: Seattle Seahawks

Photo by: Seattle Seahawks

If you are as excited as we are about this game, then you must need tickets. And for those of us who were not able to line up on Tuesday to purchase tickets at CenturyLink Field, make sure you purchase tickets at the Official Ticket Exchange of the NFL to ensure the tickets are verified.  Nothing worse than getting to the game and finding your tickets are no good.

Still don’t have tickets to Sunday’s game? The Puget Sound Business Journal says you should make friends with someone who lives at Stadium Place, and we agree! Stadium Place decks and apartments have the best view of the game in town!  And we should be able to hear the Alice in Chains halftime concert too!

Photo by Seattle Seahawks

Photo by Seattle Seahawks

If you aren’t able to make it to the game, but you still want in on the fun, then we can recommend two great game-day bars that can still get you close to the action. There’s a catch though, be sure to get here bright and early so you can get a good spot!

Photo by Seattle Met Magazine

Photo by Seattle Met Magazine

What You Need to Know About Seattle’s Sports Triple-Threat

If you are not a hardcore sports fan, you not understand why your sports-minded friends are in somewhat of an apoplectic shock this week. We want to make sure you have the proper talking points when you run into one of your adrenalin-filled co-workers or fellow residents in the elevator or by the water cooler.

So here are some easy responses to throw at them based on what they seem to be wearing or want to talk about.


The low down: For the first time in enough years that we would have to look it up on Wikipedia to get the answer right, the Mariners have a shot at the playoffs. 5 teams in the Three-Division American League “make the playoffs.” Each Division winner qualifies for the 2nd round, while the two best teams that don’t win a division play each other to decide who gets the fourth spot. It’s unlikely that the Mariners win their division, but as of today they are one of 3 teams (A’s, Tigers, Mariners) within 1/2 game of each other. Two teams will Qualify.

Your key questions:

  • Doesn’t Rodney scare you a little?
  • What happens if Ackley doesn’t come back?
  • Is it good or bad that we have so many games against the Angels?

Your key responses:

  • I’ll take either Felix or Iwakuma in a one game playoff.
  • Cano is going to turn these guys into winners.
  • It’s all going to come down to the games against the Angels.


The low down: After 26 of their 34 scheduled games, the Sounders have 16 wins, 3 ties and 7 losses, which gives them the most points (51) in Major League Soccer. They are almost guaranteed to make the playoffs, but in soccer there is prestige in finishing with the best record in the league and winning what is called the “Supporters Shield.” It’s quite the accomplishment to win the Supporters Shield and then also win the Playoff Tournament. Plus, they have a chance to win a tournament called the U.S. Open Cup when they play Philadelphia on September 16.

Your key questions:

  • Can the defense stop the Galaxy in the playoffs?
  • What is the deal with Pineda? Is he still in shape to lead the team?
  • Can anyone stop Dempsey and Martins when they are in form?

Your key responses:

  • I think Marshall is the key. If he gets hurt, we’re in trouble.
  • I really like Neagle off the bench. I think his speed is maximized against tired players.
  • If we’re healthy, we’re as good as anyone.


The low down: The season just started, and in their first game the Hawks put a pretty good thwacking on the Packers. It’s too early to say that they will definitely defend their Super Bowl championship, but it’s not too early to say that they very well might.

Your key questions:

  • Man I can’t find a weakness with the team. What scares you?
  • Is there anyone on the roster who we just can’t afford to be hurt?
  • Who’s a bigger threat, the Cardinals or the 49’ers?

Your key responses:

  • Holy cow, Percy Harvin is a stud.
  • Oh my god, Richard Sherman is a stud.
  • I’ve always said, Russell Wilson is simply a stud.


12 Things To Know About the Upcoming Seahawks Season

By now you know that our region’s favorite team, the World Champion Seattle Seahawks, start their regular season tomorrow. Now, for those of you who either just moved to Seattle or aren’t huge football fans, we have provided answers to 12 questions that will help you be part of any office water cooler conversation.

Stadium Place 12

1) 12 questions? Seriously, what’s the deal with all the 12’s?

Ever since the Seahawks moved into Century Link Field in 2002, the Seahawks have honored their fans by calling them the “12th man.” This represents the idea that when other teams come to play the Hawks, the crowd is so loud and has such an impact that the opponents are essentially playing 11 on 12.  Hence, the 12th man. Right before every home game, the Seahawks have someone from Seattle raise the “12th Man flag” which turns an already loud stadium into utter chaos.

Dilfer 12th Man Flag (Seattle p-i)


2) What is Beast Mode?

It was Jan 9, 2011 – Coach Pete Carroll’s first year with the team. Even though the Hawks only finished with a 7-9 record that year, it was enough for them to win their division (NFC West) and thus get to host the heavily favored New Orleans Saints in the first round of the playoffs. Late in the 4th quarter, the Saints were mounting a comeback and the Seahawks were trying to hold on to the ball, up by four points. That’s when running back Marshawn Lynch took a hand-off and ran through just about everyone on the Saints defense on the way to the end zone. Lynch was said to go into “Beast Mode.”


3)  What’s with the animosity between us and the 49’ers? San Francisco seems like such a friendly place.

Believe it or not, the Seahawks vs 49’ers rivalry does not go back too many years. The Seahawks switched divisions from the AFC West to the NFC West in 2002, long long long after the 49’ers dynasty of the 1980’s  and 1990’s when they won five Super Bowls. But 49’ers head coach Jim Harbaugh and Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll have both recently joined their teams, Carroll in 2010 and Harbaugh in 2011. And both had coached against each other in the Pac-10, Harbaugh at Stanford from 2007-2010, and Carroll at USC from 2000-2009, so their NFL rivalry spilled over from college. It reached a fever pitch in the NFC Championship game last January when the Seahawks narrowly won the game to go to the Super Bowl.  The 49’ers built a new stadium about 40-50 miles outside of the city this year, so a favorite insult is to refuse to call them “San Francisco” any more, and refer to them as the “Santa Clara 49’ers.”



4)  Can I date Russell Wilson? He’s dreamy.

Well, Russell Wilson is single after separating from his wife in the spring. Rumors of him with a current girlfriend are sketchy at best. But keep in mind that he’s known for being in the Seahawks film room at 5:00am, being the last guy to leave the training facility and spending most of his Tuesday afternoon free time at Children’s Hospital talking to sick kids. That’s right, he’s not just an NFL star, but he’s a super nice guy to boot. So, even if you do nab him, don’t expect too much wining and dining from the gallant QB.


5)  I’m going to the game. Where should I go before hand?

Oh wow, that’s a tough question. Once you are in Pioneer Square, every bar and restaurant is going to be filled with 12th men and women. Most Seahawks games are Sunday at 1:15pm, which gives you the chance to get down early for breakfast, watch most of the 10:00am NFL games, and then head over to the stadium about 12:15. You want to get to the stadium a little early so you can get settled in, and to let your ears slowly adjust to the mountain of noise that is building up towards kickoff.


6)  Who is Richard Sherman and why does he bother fans of other teams?

When you are a leader of the Seahawks defensive secondary that calls itself the “Legion of Boom,” you are bound to ruffle the feathers of opposing fans. Sherman has always been known as an outspoken character, but his popularity (and anti-popularity) reached new heights at the very end of the NFC Championship game after he defended a pass that won the game. Either you think he is overly aggressive or you love his emotion. He kind of polarizes people one way or the other. If he played for Santa Clara, we probably wouldn’t be able to stand him.


7) What’s the deal with the phrase “Win Forever” and where did it come from?

This is Coach Carroll’s mantra. In fact, he has a web site and has written a book of the same rallying cry.  Coach Carroll’s program for youth “develops a culture of high performance that is in a relentless pursuit of a competitive edge – for individuals and teams to become the very best they can possibly become.” He brings that same competitiveness to every Seahawks practice and game.


8) How should my friends or I get to the stadium?

Lucky you! You live 100 yards from the stadium! Your friends can come meet you for a pre-game bash at your place, or you can met them downstairs and enjoy the festive Pioneer Square environment. Like we said above, just wander around, find a place that suits you, and enjoy a leisurely build up to kick-off. If you have friends joining you who will be cutting it close (and aren’t lucky enough to live in Stadium Place), the bus or light rail are pretty good options. Have them park somewhere along the line and zip into the International Street station. They’ll avoid the parking headaches and traffic jams.


9)  By the way, when are the games and who do we play?

Good question. Here’s a technical answer to wow your friends with. The Hawks play 16 games. 6 are against their NFC West rivals Santa Clara, Arizona and St. Louis (3 at home, 3 away.) This year, all of the teams in the NFC West will also play the 4 teams in the AFC West; Denver, Oakland, San Diego and Kansas City (2 at home, 2 away) and NFC East; Washington, New York Giants, Philadelphia and Dallas (2 at home, 2 away.) The divisions they play against rotate every year. Finally, because the Seahawks were the winners of their division last year, they play last year’s winners of the 2 other divisions in their conference; Carolina and Green Bay (1 home, 1 away.) Got it? Well here’s the full schedule with actual dates and times.


10) When’s the last time a team won Back to Back Super Bowls? Can we do it again?

So far there have been 48 Super Bowls, and Back to Back titles have only happened 8 times – Green Bay (1967, 1968), Miami (1973, 1974), Pittsburgh (1975, 1976 and 1979, 1980), San Francisco (1989, 1990), Dallas (1993, 1994), Denver (1998, 1999) and New England (2004, 2005). Looking at the trends, this is the longest the league has gone without a repeat champion, so it does seem like the time is right.


11) Since we won it last year, will the Super Bowl be in Seattle this year?

No, that’s not how it works, sadly. The Super Bowl location is chosen years in advance – usually in a warm weather city, unless there’s a brand new stadium the league wants to show off. This year’s Super Bowl is in Phoenix, and then the next ones are in Santa Clara (NOT San Francisco), Houston and Minneapolis.


12) I want to buy a jersey. Whose number and name should I get?

Excellent, excellent question. Good for you for your team spirit. The easy and popular choices are Russell Wilson (3), Marshawn Lynch (24) or Legion of Boom standouts Richard Sherman (25) and Earl Thomas (29). Now these are great choices, and Wilson, Sherman and Thomas will be with the team for years, so the jersey won’t be out of date for a while. If you like something less trendy and like little guys, two sophisticated choices would be wide receivers Percy Harvin (11) and Doug Baldwin (89). Less trendy choices for big guys would be the quiet but tough center Max Unger (60) or left tackle Russell Okung (76). Or maybe you want to pick someone from your college. Check out the roster here. And there’s always just the #12. That’s always a solid pick.



Have more questions about the Seahawks? Let us know in the comments below.

And just in case you can’t get tickets, check out the view from the roof deck of The Wave!

The Wave Roof Deck

What You Need to Know About the Sounders and Timbers Rivalry

There’s a huge soccer game on Sunday. ESPN will be covering it. It’s a colossal affair.

No, we’re not talking about Germany vs Argentina in the World Cup Final in Brazil. We’re talking about Sounders vs Timbers in Seattle.

Some residents of The Wave and Nolo will be hosting BBQ’s and pre-game parties filled with rave green decor. But for those of you surprised by how may people will be walking past your front door, we have a few tidbits you can digest.


Q1: What’s with the crowd?
A1: A few nights per year, the Sounders open the stadium to full capacity. The Portland game is one of those days where the whole city wants to come out and root for the home side.

Q2: Why is the Seattle vs Portland rivalry so strong?
A2: It goes back 40 years, literally. Yes, the MLS Sounders only stared in 2009 and yes the MLS Timbers stared in 2011. But through multiple leagues (both major and minor) these two cities have competed in soccer for decades. The hardest of the hardcore fans can remember names, stats and stories from years ago. It’s arguably the best rivalry in sports that the rest of the country is unaware of.

Q3: What should I expect?
A3: After 17 games, the Sounders are the top of the Western Conference with 35 points (11 wins, 2 ties, 4 losses). After 18 games, Portland is in 7th place in the Western Conference with 21 points (4 wins, 9 ties and 5 losses). Portland is unique in that they have given up the most goals in the Conference (30), but also scored the 2nd most (30). Seattle has given up its share of goals (24) but leads the league in goals scored (33). It seems likely that these teams will score some goals.

Q4: No, I mean what should I expect in terms of crowd behavior?
A4: The fans of these two teams do not like each other at all. However, they respect each other enough to adhere to the rules of general soccer fan behavior. So expect a lot of singing, cheering and taunting, but nothing violent. For example, one song you may hear goes like this:
“Start a bonfire, start a bonfire,
Put the Timbers at the top.
Put Vancouver in the middle,
And we’ll burn the (stinking) lot.”

Now of course no Sounders fan wants to light another person on fire, but you can see how the rivalry goes.

Q5: What’s a tifo?
A5: For important games, the Sounders’ Supporters Group, the Emerald City Supporters, create a large banner to show off before the game. The ones from the last 3 years are quite impressive.
If you don’t go to the game, you might be able to see this year’s from your window.

Q6: This sound fun. Can I go to the game?
A6: Yes. It will be close to a packed house, but you can still get tickets from Ticketmaster, or if you want better seats you can go to StubHub. It should be a great evening.

Recapping the Furry5K

Last week, we all grabbed our leashes and headed south to Seward Park to represent Stadium Place at the 15th Annual Furry 5K.

Furry5k - Pillar Properties 7Furry5k - Pillar Properties 3

This fantastic event is a fundraiser for the Seattle Animal Shelter, which takes in approximately 6,000 stray and owner-surrendered animals each year. Because so many of these animals are in need of significant vet and behavioral care, the Seattle Animal Shelter created the Help the Animals Fund in 1977.

Two-legged and four-legged friends walked and ran together around the park, enjoying views of Lake Washington all along the way.

Furry5k MapFurry5k - Pillar Properties 1

Hopefully you were able to stop by the Pillar Properties tent, where Regan, Megan and Genevieve were handing out treats.

Furry5k - Pillar Properties 2Furry5k - Pillar Properties 4

Overall the Furry 5K was a huge success and our residents who participated not only got to support a great cause, they spent a gorgeous day outside with other animal lovers.

Furry5k - Pillar Properties 5Furry5k - Pillar Properties 10

If you missed the walk, but want to support the Help the Animals Fund, you still can. Just visit this donation form.


Pioneer Square Loves the World Cup

You may have noticed a lot of people disappearing for 2 hours today around lunch. Yes, the most popular sporting event in the world is upon us.

The World Cup is our opportunity every four years to complain about how countries the size of Nigeria, France and Chile can possibly create more soccer talent than the U.S.

For the uninitiated, we’re talking about a 32 team, four week affair, being hosted in 12 cities in Brazil. These 32 teams are the final survivors of a 3 year, 200+ country tournament that has seen countries like Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Egypt and China disqualified.

With games in Brazil, the first round will feature three to four games a day for two weeks at 9:00am, 12:00pm and 3:00pm. Not perfect, but it does allow the opportunity to watch games at breakfast, lunch or happy hour.

If you aren’t a soccer fan, don’t worry. The cheering, the singing and the excitement will draw you in. And to help you out, here are a few talking points you can use that will keep you from looking like a total newbie. Just memorize these, throw them out in conversation and let the others start debating. You’ll get all the credit.

1) I think we’re going to be better off without Donovan.
2) Is this the year an African team can make a deep run?
3) Who do you think is a more likely sleeper? Belgium, Switzerland, Chile or Columbia?

Now, if you think you can just wander into a bar for a U.S. game, you’ll likely spend 90 minutes out on the sidewalk listening to the cheers and jeers. You may need multiple options for your viewing, in case one or more bars are packed to the gills long before kickoff. Luckily, Pioneer Square is a hotbed of soccer bars. But with so many people working within walking distance, most places may be packed throughout the day. Here are some options:

The Crazy Ones:
Expect these spots to fill up early. Maybe you can send someone to save you a table several hours earlier, but expect chaos.

Fuel: 164 S Washington St – It’s the home of the Emerald City Supporters. Expect crowds for every game, especially U.S. matches.
Fado: 801 1st Ave – This Irish bar is a soccer fan’s staple.
Owl and Thistle: 808 Post Ave – Located just behind Fado in Post Alley, it fills up with regulars and Fado overflow.

The Hit and Miss:
It’s hard to know if these places will be overflowing with fans, or just capitalizing on the chance to open a little early.
FX McCrory’s: 419 Occidental Ave S – It’s Seattle’s original sports bar and it’s right across the street.
The Lodge: 166 S King St – It’s a newer Pioneer Square sports bar…. And also right across the street.
McCoy’s Firehouse: 164 S Washington St – When you can’t get into Fuel, walk across the street to McCoy’s. It’s a fun place to watch a game.
Easy Joe’s: 704 1st Ave – This the closest spot to Fado that may not be completely overcrowded.
The J+M Café: 201 1st Ave S – It’s a classic Seattle bar.
Temple Billiards: 126 S Jackson St – A favorite for the soccer crowd pre-game. But be warned – there aren’t a lot of large TV’s to view the games.

The Stadium District:
On Mariners and Sounders game days, these spots are filled to the brim. But they are usually pretty quiet on the other days of the week. Give them a call to make sure they are going to be open for the game you want to watch.
Sluggers: 538 1st Ave S – Tall and skinny with lots of tv’s. Within about 100 yards of your front door.
Elysian Fields: 542 1st Ave S – You have to check to make sure they’re open but that won’t be tough since it’s right across the street.
The Hawks Nest: 1028 1st Ave S – It’s traditionally a Sounders and Seahawks bar, but may be a spot off the beaten path for the World Cup games.
Jimmy’s On First: 1046 1st Ave S – It’s a pre-Mariners hangout. But they may have some of the best wings in town.
Pyramid Alehouse: 1201 1st Ave S – You may know it for the beer garden before Mariners games, but on quieter days there’s a bar inside with plenty of TV’s.
Henry’s Tavern: 1518 1st Ave S – Good food, a nice place to watch games and a little off the beaten path on non Mariner days.

If you find a top spot to watch games, share it with your fellow residents here.