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Ways to Fight the November Rain

We’re officially into the season of November rain. But thankfully, some of the brightest product people in the world have dedicated their careers to keeping us warm and dry. So when it’s hard to hold a candle, here are some places we suggest you check out.

1) Rain Hacks
Perfect for the Seattle tech community, Business Insider wrote up a list of “hacks” to help with rainy days. Our favorite is a way to save your phone. Just take the time to lay it in a bowl of rice, and that should dry it out.

2) Keep Your Feet Dry
Whether you are driving, bussing or riding, or if you just end up walkin’, nothing is worse than a pair of soggy feet. Who would know better how to keep you dry than a retailer born and based in Seattle? Check out Nordstrom’s suggestions for waterproof shoes.

3) Cycling Gear
It’s no secret that the people who run Seattle would like you to bike more often to work. While it’s hard for us to ride in a downpour, the fine folks at think we still can find a way. Check out their ideas on waterproof clothing that may be helpful when you are riding around town.

4) Get Inspired on Pinterest
Is there anything you can’t find on Pinterest? Check out these chic outfits designed for cold wet days.

5) The Experts in Outdoor Wear
We’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you about Seattle’s home for Outdoor wear. If you need Gore-Tex, REI is the place to go. Check out their selection of waterproof jackets.

Note: You know we are living in Seattle when we don’t even suggest a single umbrella. We still don’t know why, but umbrellas are for tourists. File it along with the mysteries of why China refuses to use forks and how salmon know how to swim home to spawn without using Google or Bing Maps.

If you have your own favorite way to stay dry in the cold November rain, then darlin’ don’t refrain. Let us know below.

The Last Sunsets

As Seattle transitions into fall, residents across the city will have less and less opportunities to admire gorgeous sunsets. We encourage you to enjoy awe-inspiring moments like these from the top of Stadium Place while you can. Don’t let the last stunning Seattle sunsets of 2014 go by without you.

StadiumPlace Sunset

Enjoying Nature in Pioneer Square

During the long, cold winter, we take refuge in the bars and restaurants that exist within an umbrella’s length of Stadium Place.

But now spring is here. It’s time to climb out from our warm, safe blankets and take a look at some of the nature nestled into our little concrete jungle.

Within a short walk of Stadium Place, is Waterfront Park. Comprising the area from Pier 57 to Pier 59, this park provides excellent chances to fill your Instagram account with photos of Puget Sound, birds, seals, islands and, even the Olympic Mountains. If you forget your binoculars, four coin-operated telescopes are available for your convenience. Once you are done enjoying the nature view, use the benches or picnic tables to enjoy lunch in the shade of the trees. Or just relax and lay on the grass to take in the sunshine.

Waterfront Park

Image Source: Yelp | Address: 1301 Alaskan Way, 98101

But Maybe you are one who likes to be a little more “one with nature.” There’s almost no better way to spend a Seattle evening than cruising around on a sailboat in the middle of Puget Sound.

Emerald City Charters provides 2 voyages a day. Enjoy the 1.5 hourr cruise starting at 4pm for just $33 per person. Or take the longer 2.5 hour sunset cruise that launches at 6:30 for $49 per person. Feel the wind in your hair, smell the crisp sea air, and bring along your own bottle of wine to make the tour that much more lovely.

Elliott Bay Cruise

Address: 1001 Alaskan Way Pier 54, Seattle, WA 98104

Do you you have your own favorite nature walks in Pioneer Square? Let us know below.

Nature in the City: Go Chasing Waterfalls

Sure, we get it. There’s a reason you live where you do. You’re a city person now.  An urban aficionado. You love tall buildings, ample mass transit, and having a coffee shop on every corner. You’re powered by the hustle and bustle that comes with living in a densely populated area.

But hey, even the most hardened city-dwellers among us need a little nature fix every now and then. Why not use this year’s Earth Day as an excuse to spend some time in the great outdoors?

We’re not suggesting any grueling nature hikes or anything (believe us, that’s the last thing we’d recommend). It’s possible for you to bond with nature within city limits- in fact, there’s a great place that’s just a short walk out your door.

Two blocks north of the Nolo, on 2nd and Main, you’ll find a patch of nature tucked right into the city: the Waterfall Garden Park. You’ll walk right past it if you aren’t looking for it, so keep your eyes open for the sign, and your ears open for the sound of rushing water.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 9.30.28 AM.png

Seriously, we aren’t joking. This thing is hidden.

Fair warning: there’s a reason that this historical spot (where UPS- yes, that UPS was founded in 1907) is referred to as a “pocket park.”  It’s not huge. There’s just a few waterfalls, trees, chairs, and tables scattered around. Despite it’s size, it’s a perfect urban oasis. Pop in during your day to just relax, or act like a local and bring a lunch to enjoy.

waterfall park.jpg

Photo via Wendy B.

It’s not a whole lot of nature, but it’s just enough.