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Holiday Shopping Around Pioneer Square

The Thanksgiving leftovers have run out and we’ve already seen snow dust the ground. The holiday season is officially here, so it’s now time to get down to business. First step: holiday shopping. If you’ve been brainstorming gift ideas and you’re ready to attack the holiday craze early, you can begin your gift shopping nearby. Within and around your own neighborhood are the perfect shops to help you cross every name off your gift list.



For your family:

Magic Mouse & Toys
Get lost in this emporium of fun, filled with books, games, animals, puzzles and more.

Pioneer Pet Feed & Supply
Here’s your one-stop shop for spoiling your pet.

For your spouse:

Wilsons Leather
Give him an upgrade with a new leather wallet or belt.

Seattle Pro Shop
Get your spouse in style with Seattle Seahawks gear.

For your friends:

Surprise your friends with a beautiful new candle centerpiece.

You can get lost in this store for hours finding fun gift ideas and hacks.

For yourself:

Scotch and Soda
Treat yourself with some new blazers, knits or accessories to begin the New Year.

E. Smith Mercantile
Find yourself some new home goods or gourmet pantry treats in this artisan shop.

For your co-workers:

Sock It To Me
Give them a playful gift they can rock in the office, with fun patterns and designs for everyone.

Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers
Find them a gem inside this beloved bookstore.

Give Thanks: Pioneer Square Restaurants Celebrating Thanksgiving

If your idea of a festive Thanksgiving  includes delicious food, but is missing the part about the stress and hassle of cooking, you’re in luck. This year, you can skip the turkey thawing, pie prepping and table setting, thanks to your friends running restaurants in and around Pioneer Square. No hours of grocery shopping, cooking or entertaining? Now that’s something to be grateful about! Here are some local hot spots to gather round this Thursday:

BOKA. Source: BOKA.

BOKA. Source: BOKA.

1000 First Avenue, Seattle
Forego cooking a five-pound turkey and instead feast on BOKA’s five-course meal. Cost: $65 adults, $25 children.

Bell + Whete
200 Bell St, Seattle
Enjoy the classic flavors of Thanksgiving with Bell + Whete’s special holiday menu. Cost: $28 per person.

Daily Grill
1400 6th Ave, Seattle
You can’t go wrong with their three-course prix fixe dinner, which includes delights for the entire family. Cost: $39.75 adults, $14.75 children.

1639 8th Ave, Seattle
This traditional Thanksgiving menu offering will leave you thinking it was homemade in your kitchen. Cost: $40 per person.

Join Our Team

Do you want to work at the most exciting property in Seattle, with the best team in the business for a local, family owned company? We don’t mean to lay it on too thick but this is a great opportunity to join the team at The Nolo as a Leasing Specialist.

Ideal candidates are passionate, high energy, customer service driven and looking for a career opportunity. Prior leasing experience is preferred. Prior experience in a sales and/or customer service environment is a must!

Follow this link to apply and tell us why you are the one for us.

Join the team at Stadium Place!

Raise The Stadium Place 12th Man Flag

We have a new tradition at Stadium Place that we think every Seahawks fan is going to love. As you know, we fly a GIGANTIC 12 flag over The Wave on game days. So what better way to celebrate Stadium Place than have one of our residents to raise our flag for us?

Last week we gave the honor to our very first residents at The Nolo. This week, in honor of Veteran’s Day, we invited team member Kevin Black to raise the flag.

Who will be next?

Ways to Fight the November Rain

We’re officially into the season of November rain. But thankfully, some of the brightest product people in the world have dedicated their careers to keeping us warm and dry. So when it’s hard to hold a candle, here are some places we suggest you check out.

1) Rain Hacks
Perfect for the Seattle tech community, Business Insider wrote up a list of “hacks” to help with rainy days. Our favorite is a way to save your phone. Just take the time to lay it in a bowl of rice, and that should dry it out.

2) Keep Your Feet Dry
Whether you are driving, bussing or riding, or if you just end up walkin’, nothing is worse than a pair of soggy feet. Who would know better how to keep you dry than a retailer born and based in Seattle? Check out Nordstrom’s suggestions for waterproof shoes.

3) Cycling Gear
It’s no secret that the people who run Seattle would like you to bike more often to work. While it’s hard for us to ride in a downpour, the fine folks at think we still can find a way. Check out their ideas on waterproof clothing that may be helpful when you are riding around town.

4) Get Inspired on Pinterest
Is there anything you can’t find on Pinterest? Check out these chic outfits designed for cold wet days.

5) The Experts in Outdoor Wear
We’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you about Seattle’s home for Outdoor wear. If you need Gore-Tex, REI is the place to go. Check out their selection of waterproof jackets.

Note: You know we are living in Seattle when we don’t even suggest a single umbrella. We still don’t know why, but umbrellas are for tourists. File it along with the mysteries of why China refuses to use forks and how salmon know how to swim home to spawn without using Google or Bing Maps.

If you have your own favorite way to stay dry in the cold November rain, then darlin’ don’t refrain. Let us know below.